Advances in Multiphysical

Testing of Soils and Shales

ISSMGE TC-101 workshop

3-5 September 2012

EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


Evaluation of Collapse Potential investigated from different Collapsible Soils
Al-Obaidi, Q.A.J., Ibrahim, S.F. & Schanz, T.
Foundation Engineering, Soil and Rock Mechanics, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany

Micro-scale Characterization of Geomaterials using Synchrotron Computed Tomography
Alshibli, K.A.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee, USA

Meso-scale Odometer Test System for volume change determination in problematic soils
Azam, S.
Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Regina, Canada

Experimental investigation of the undrained shear strength of thawing soil
Beijer Lundberg, A. & Petalos, A.
Department of Geo-Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Long-term compression behaviour of soft organic sediments
Boso, M. & Grabe, J.
Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Management, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

Experimental and Quantitative Study on Micro-Structure of Soft Soil in Suzhou
Cao, L., Li, X., Zhao, X. & Liu, W.
Nanjing University, China - Shanghai Maritime University, China

Variation of Cohesive Sediment Strength with Stress Level
Casey, B. & Germaine, J.T.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

Ultrasonic testing of unsaturated soils
Cheng, Z.Y. & Leong, E.C.
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Experimental characterization of short and long term debonding processes of Apulian calcarenites
Ciantia, M.O., Castellanza, R., Di Prisco, C. & Hueckel, T.

Experimental methods for characterization of cap rock properties for CO2 storage
Cuisiat, F., Bahman, B., Aker, E., Skurtveit, E., Grande, L., Soldal, M. & Oistein, O.
NGI, Oslo, Norway

Nanochemomechanics of Shale: Coupled WDS-Indentation Analysis
Deirieh, A., Ortega, A. & Ulm, F.-J.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

Thermo-mechanical behaviour of soil-concrete interfaces
Di Donna, A., & Laloui, L.
Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

Chemico-osmotic and diffusion behaviour of a polymer treated 'HYPER' clay
Di Emidio, G., Van Impe, W.F., Mazzieri, F. & Ver¨¢stegui Flores, R.D.
Laboratory of Geotechnics, Ghent University, Belgium

Shale Swelling/Shrinkage, Suction, and Osmosis
Ewy, R.
Chevron Energy Technology Company, San Ramon, Canada

Monotonic simple shear response of fine grained silts under different saturation conditions
Farzad, D. & Basu, D.H.
Deparment of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carleton University Ottawa, Canada

One dimensional consolidation under time dependent loading
Ferrari, A., Manca, D. & Laloui, L.
Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

Volumetric strain mechanisms and induced anisotropy analyses in clayey materials
Hattab, M.
Laboratoire d¡¯¨¦tude des Microstructures et M¨¦canique des Mat¨¦riaux, Universit¨¦ de Lorraine, Metz, France

Influence of hydraulic hysteresis on the cyclic mechanical behavior of a natural compacted sand
Ho, X.N., Nowamooz, H., Chazallon, C & Migault, B.
Laboratoire de G¨¦nie de la Conception, INSA Strasbourg, France

Effect of Temperature on the Time Dependent Deformation Behavior of Clay-Water Gels
Huang, P.T. & Santagata, M.
School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, Richmond, USA

Evaluation of geotechnical properties and liquefaction behavior of stabilization of cohsive subgrade soil with fly ash, gypsum and lime
Ibrahim, S.F. & Wolfe, W.E.
Department of Civil Engineering and Geodetic Environmental, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA

Influence of freeze-thaw action on hydro-mechanical behavior of unsaturated crushable volcanic soils
Ishikawa, T. & Tokoro, T.
Laboratory of Analytical Geomechanics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

On Creep Laboratory Tests in Soil Mechanics
Khoshghalb, A.
School of Civil and Environmental Eng., Univ. of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

High resolution dual modality (neutron and X-ray) imaging of partially saturated sand and image based flow through porous media simulation
Kim, F., Penumadu, D., Gregor, J., Kardjilov, N., Manke, I & Schulz, V.
University of Tennessee, USA

Physical-Chemical Testing of an Expansive Clay
Lee, L.T.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Geotechnical Laboratory, USA

Thermo-hydraulic behaviour of boom clay using a heating cell. Experimental and numerical study
Lima, A., Romero, E., Vaunat, J., Gens, A. & Li, X.L.
Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences, Universitat Polit¨¨cnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain - EURIDICE/SCK.CEN, Mol, Belgium

Analysis and interpretation of piezocone dissipation data on the soft soils from strain path method
Liu, S., Cai, G., Puppala, A.J., Zou, H., Tong, L & Du, G.
Southeast University, Nanjing, China - University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA

Development of a new experimental device in order to improve swelling-shrinkage analysis of clayey soils
Maison, T., Kazmierczak, J.B., Laouafa, F. & Delalain, P.
Plateforme G¨¦osciences, Institut Polytechnique La Salle, Beauvais, France

Water and Gas Transport Mechanisms of Sand/Bentonite Mixture
Manca, D., Monfared, M., Ferrari, A. & Laloui, L.
Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

A case study of deep foundation in Coral formation at Corniche, Jeddah.
Mehmood, E.
University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

Rupture of liquid bridge due to evaporation of liquid
Mielniczuk, B., Hueckel, T. & El Youssoufi, M.S.
Laboratoire de M¨¦chanique et G¨¦nie Civil, Universit¨¦ Montpellier 2, France

A New hollow cylinder triaxial cell to study the THM behavior of low permeability material
Monfared, M., Delage, P., Suelm, J. & Mohajerani, M.
Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, CERMES, France

Experimental study of the deformation pattern around a penetrating coned tip
Paniagua, P. & Nordal, S.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Elastic and Plastic Anisotropy of Mica Probed by Nanoindentation
Pant, R. & Zhang, G.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA

Studying hydraulically-induced degradation of a claystone
Pineda, J.A., Romero, E. & Alonso, E.E.
Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences, Universitat Polit¨¨cnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Using shear wave velocity to determine the cementation effect of soft Bangkok clay mixed with cement and fly ash
Piriyakul, K.
King Mongkut¡¯s University of Technology, North Bangkok, Thailand

determination of tensile strength in granular media under unsaturated condition
Pourzargar, A. & Schanz, T.
Bochum, Germany

Settlement calculation and back-analysis of soil properties for a test embankment on a soft clay ground improved by PVD and Vacuumassisted preloading at a site in Vung Tau, VietNam
Quang, N.D. & Dang, S.M.
Saga University, Japan - Minho University, Portugal

Polish experience with tesing of selected shales as material for road base-courses
Rafalski, L. & Wilczek, J.
Road and Bridge Research Institute, Poland

Effect of loading and suction history on time dependent deformation of crushed granular aggregates
Romero, E., Alvarado, C. & Alonso, E.E.
Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences, Universitat Polit¨¨cnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Unsaturated sand behaviour analysed by X-ray computed tomography analysis
Salager, S., And¨°, E., B¨¦suelle, P. & Viggiani, G.
Grenoble-INP, UJF-Grenoble, France

A Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Prototype Column for Study of Unsaturated Expansive Soil
Schanz, T., Nguyen-Tuan, L. & Datcheva, M.
Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany

Swelling characteristics of compacted bentonite: a new framework for effective stress concept in active clay-water systems
Seiphoori, A. & Laloui, L.
Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

An innovative double triaxial cell for thermo-hydro-mechanical investigation in unsaturated geomechanics
Seiphoori, A., Ferrari, A. & Laloui, L.
Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

Dynamic behaviour of breakwaters of liquefiable sand layers
Selcuk, M.E., Berilgen, M. & Ozaydin, K.
Civil Engineering Department, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Consolidation through radial flow uisng hydraulically pressurised oedometer
Shah, M.V. & Shroff, A.V.
Applied Mechanics Dept., MS University of Baroda, India

Anisotropic damage and plastic deformation in shale and influence of temperature
Shao, J.F., Masri, M., Chen, L. & Sibai, M.
University Lille I, France

Research on stress-strain relation and strength characteristics of unsaturated remold loess based on true triaxial tests
Shao, S.J., Luo, A.Z. & Shi, J.G.

Identification of void ratio of fine clayey soil from x-ray ct scan
Shin, H.-S., Kim, K.-Y. & Pande, G.N.
Korea Institute of Construction Technology, South-Corea

Effet des fissures de dessiccation sur le comportement thermo-hydrique d¡¯un sol argileux
Tabbal, D., Shahrour, I., Hage-Chedade, F., Sadek, M. & Al Qadad, A.
Universit¨¦ Lille I, France - Universit¨¦ Libanaise, Beyrouth, Liban

X-ray micro-computed tomography for the durability characterization of aggregates
Titi, H.H.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Geomechanical behavior of the Andean Mudrocks
Torres Su¨¢rez, M.C., Alarc¨®n Guzm¨¢n, A. & Berdugo de Moya, I.R.
National University of Colombia

ExperimentalInvestigations of Backfill Conditions on Performance of a Reinforced Box Culvert
Ugur Terzi, N., Emin Kara, M. & Yilmazturk, F.
Aksaray University of Engineering, Turkey

Tests inthermo-hydraulic cells to simulate the behaviour of engineered barriers
Villar, M.V., Martin, P.L., G¨®mez-Espina, R. & Barcala, J.M.
CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain

Localisation processes and size effect on fissured clay specimens
Vitone, C., Cotecchia, F. & Viggiani, C.
Technical Univrsity of Bari, Italy

Observation of shear banding behavior of sand in torsional shear test using image analysis technique
Wahyudi, S., Miyashita, Y. & Koseki, J.
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan

Anisotropic Thermo-Mechanical Failure of Shale under Constant Deviatoric Stress Loading
Wan, R.G. & Mohamadi, M.
University of Calgary, Canada

Elasto-Plastic Deformation Characteristics of Gravelly Soils
Weng, M.C., Chu, B.L. & Ho, Y.L.
National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan - National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan

Geostress Test and Analysis of The Tibet Bangfu Mining Area
Xingang, W.
Department of Engineering, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei, China

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Prof. Lyesse Laloui

Swiss Federal institute of Technology, Switzerland

Dr. Alessio Ferrari

Swiss Federal institute of Technology, Switzerland

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3-5 September 2012

Laboratory for Soil Mechanics
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